17 Benefits of YouTube for Your Real Estate Business

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet? It is only slightly less popular than Google, who happens to own YouTube. This is a formula that unfortunately not all real estate agents are utilizing to their full potential. If you aren’t on YouTube yet, we have a few reasons why you should consider using it.

Features of YouTube for Your Real Estate Business

If you’ve never delved into video marketing before, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Making the shift from traditional, photo-based content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to video may seem daunting. However, YouTube for your real estate business is a gamechanger that’s worth the investment.

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Here are some standout features that make YouTube the ideal video-sharing platform for your real estate business:

Cost Effective Accessibility

YouTube is free to use and even with ads it remains an affordable option for businesses of all sizes

No Need for High End Production

You don’t need a fully equipped video production team; even videos filmed with a smartphone can be excellent and engaging content.

SEO Advantages

As a Google product, YouTube videos rank on search results, providing significant benefits to your overall SEO strategy.

Organized Brand Content

With the ability to create multiple channels and playlists within your brand account you can curate video content according to specific subjects, campaigns, and more.

Enhanced Accessibility

The platform allows you to add captions and transcripts to your videos, making them more accessible and engaging to a wider audience.

What are the Benefits to Using YouTube for Your Real Estate Business?

Audience Engagement and Reach

YouTube boasts an expansive global reach, allowing content creators to connect with audiences worldwide. With its accessibility and user-friendly interface, YouTube provides an ideal platform to target specific demographics and engage with viewers. Furthermore, the interactive nature of YouTube videos and features such as comments, likes, and shares fosters engagement, enabling creators to build a loyal fanbase and receive valuable feedback.

Posting on YouTube Will Help People Find You on Google

Google owns YouTube. Have you noticed how videos are showing up more than they used to in Google search results? That’s no coincidence. By consistently utilizing YouTube for your real estate business, you increase your chances of showing up in search results and improving your own rankings.

As a real estate agent, you should have a goal of maximizing your online presence as much as possible. It’s even better to do it with YouTube because it’s a Google product. Google loves businesses that use their tools and likely give priority to those brands (at least to some extent). 

You can’t go wrong here. The more real estate (pun intended) you can take up in Google search results the better. Posting YouTube videos is one more way to stack the odds in your favor.

YouTube Has No Competition

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, YouTube has no real competition. It is the go-to platform for video content, whether you want to learn something new, fix something around your house, just watch the news, or be entertained. Generally, if you want to watch videos on the internet, you go to YouTube. By establishing a presence on YouTube, you can both set yourself apart from your competition and reach this broader audience.

YouTube Is Slowly (but Surely) Replacing TV

As more and more people cut the cord and switch to streaming services, YouTube is slowly but surely replacing TV as the go-to destination for video content. If you want to reach the younger generation (1st time homebuyers) you need to be on YouTube. With over 1 billion hours watched per day on the platform, this shift in viewing presents a significant opportunity for real estate agents to reach their target audience where they are spending their time and attention now.

Creative Expression and Content Creation

A YouTube channel is a powerful outlet for creative expression. Creators are free to share their ideas, knowledge, and expertise on various topics. Whether it’s through blogs, tutorials, interviews, or storytelling, YouTube offers endless possibilities for content creation allowing individuals to showcase their unique style and personality to a vast audience.

Highly Targeted Audience

YouTube is also highly targeted, which means you can put yourself in front of someone who is searching for something specific. For example, if someone is searching for what it is like to live in your city, you can create a video showcasing your city and what it has to offer. This is a unique opportunity to be an authority and showcase your knowledge of your city. YouTube’s targeting capabilities allow you to reach audiences based on demographics, interests, and even search history. This means you can create content specifically for the people most likely to be interested in your real estate services.

Community Building and Impact

YouTube channels can unite people and foster a sense of community. Through your content you can build a dedicated following and create spaces for like-minded individuals to connect and share experiences. Moreover, your YouTube content provides a platform for raising awareness about important causes and issues in your community allowing you to positively impact and inspire others through your unique perspectives.

Videos Have Higher Conversion Rates

Some research suggests that video content is 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read.

Plus, videos can evoke emotion like no other form of online content can. If you can make your audience think and feel, they are not likely to forget those videos. That’s much more than can be said for most other types of online marketing.

Last, but certainly not least, videos help humanize your brand. They bring it to life, taking your messages from flat and static to dynamic and engaging. Videos help your brand build trust and authority in a unique way.

If your real estate brand really wants to connect with people, videos absolutely have to be a part of your digital marketing plan.

Build Authority on Autopilot

YouTube really does paint you as an authority, while also allowing people to feel out who you are. Once you have a video presence built, by the time potential clients actually talk to you, they already feel like they know you. They are actually likely sold on you as a real estate agent already, just from getting to know you through your videos.

Your YouTube Channel Can Help Generate Leads

YouTube helps your business reach a massive audience with just a few clicks and offers many ways to generate leads, including the following:

  • Optimizing Your Videos With Keywords – One effective lead generation tactic involves optimizing your videos and channel using keywords and phrases for which people search. This tactic makes it more likely they’ll find your videos.
  • Include Links In Your Channel Description – You can also include links in your channel description to direct viewers to your landing pages for more information about your business and the specific solutions you offer.

By providing useful, entertaining and engaging content, you can educate your viewers and answer their real estate questions. Include a compelling call to action that points viewers toward your services as the perfect solution to their problems and challenges.

It’s Evergreen

Unlike other forms of marketing, YouTube videos are evergreen, meaning they don’t have an expiration date. As long as your videos don’t violate YouTube rules,  you can keep your videos on YouTube permanently.

This means that you can consistently get new views for your videos years after you’ve posted them. So the sooner you post a video, the better it can perform as time passes.

It’s Possible to Have a Private Video

This could be a video that is only distributed to your current or prospective clients. As the name implies, the public can’t view your private videos, which means people can’t search them on YouTube, Google, or other search engines.

This is a way to make clients and prospective clients feel exclusive and handpicked. Give them a sneak peek at upcoming listings or services, show off your office, and more, all in private videos.

Repurpose Your Video Content

In the quickly evolving digital marketing landscape you always need new ideas to stay fresh. This means, it’s crucial that you’re resourceful, so you never run out of content to share.

The good news? Your YouTube videos are a goldmine. Did you know that you can repurpose a lot of this content? Maximize the benefits of every video by sharing them across your social media channels, embedding them on your website, adding them to your newsletter, and more. Plus, you can easily recreate video content in other formats such as infographics.

Acquire Qualified Traffic

This is important. You don’t want any traffic you can get, because not everyone is going to use your service. You want qualified traffic, people that could be potential leads and customers.

Business owners often fail to understand this, since getting thousands of hits on your website might sound pretty nice. But if it’s thousands of random hits, and not one of those people ends up using your services, then who cares?

You need qualified traffic that is meaningful to your brand. YouTube can easily help you accomplish this. When people go on YouTube, how do you think they find you? They don’t just stumble on your page. They type something into the search bar and then you pop up in the results. Like we said earlier, people use YouTube as a search engine just like they do with Google.

This means that you can probably assume that people who watch your videos are at least somewhat interested in your real estate service. That is why you need to do something to really capture their attention and turn them into a client.

It’s Compounding

The more videos you upload, the more opportunities you have to reach new audiences and generate leads. Every video is a pointed entry to your channel – people find you somewhere (a recommended video, a search term, the homepage, or maybe a friend sent it to them) and then go watch a lot of your other videos. Over time, your videos will continue to drive traffic to your channel, compounding your results and growing your real estate business.


Having a YouTube channel can do wonders for being found on search engines. For many searches, there is a special place reserved for video entries. This means you can be on the first page of Google without having to spend thousands of dollars in ads over the years. By creating videos that home buyers or home sellers are wanting to watch, you can be in front of them before anybody else. 

It’s a 5-Minute Advertisement

A video where you answer commonly asked questions is essentially a 5-minute commercial. If the video content you are creating is engaging and educational enough, the algorithm will suggest your video to more people, giving you more views, thus more website visits, thus more leads, thus more money in your pocket

A YouTube channel for real estate agents is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. A massive platform with no real competition, highly-targeted audiences, and authority building potential– YouTube is a masterful tool to market your real estate business. From repurposing content to further leveraging videos as tools for prospecting, don’t miss out on this key opportunity to connect with local audiences, build your reach, and grow your real estate business.

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